Acrocyanosis is a disorder that causes spasms in the arteries responsible for blood flow to the skin on the hands and feet. When the skin is deprived of necessary oxygen due to the constricted blood flow, it takes on a blue color, known as cyanosis. Acrocyanosis is not a common condition, although it afflicts women more than men. In addition to blue-colored skin, the hands and feet may feel moist and cold. Swelling may also be present, but the condition usually does not cause pain.

Since acrocyanosis can worsen with exposure to cold, acrocyanosis of the feet is treated by keeping the feet warm and dry so that the blood circulates as best as possible. Insulated boots and insulated socks can help with this. The condition does not worsen over time. Since acrocyanosis can be present alongside a serious medical condition affecting the cardiovascular system or connective tissue, it is best to seek the advice of a doctor or medical professional.